Storage and processing

Elevator complex "Andrushivsky elevator" and "Berdychivsky elevator" included in the group of companies "Grain base of Ukraine", are certified grain warehouses, which are intended for the procurement and storage of large quantities of grain long period of time, bring it to the conditioned state.

Elevator complex storage capacity of 20 000 tons consist of technological production line for receiving, processing, cleaning, drying, storage and shipment of grain, with flexible coupling rate and the performance of all machines, and granaries for receiving grain from trucks and railway transports, cleaning, storage in silos and grain sleeves and shipments by road and rail.

 Silo equipment allows you to perform the following scope of operations:

  • Acceptance of grain from trucks to 120 t / h, which allows you to receive 2,500 tons / day;
  • Cleaning grain on the separator "in the flow" with capacity up to 120 t / h;
  • Drying grain for Zernosushke SHTRAL-10000 capacity up to 100 t / h;
  • Shipping in rail and road transport in two streams capacity 150 t / h.
  • reception and shipment of grain production technology ensures the immutability of its properties, eliminates performance deterioration during storage, the ability to germinate and self warmers.

Each batch of incoming raw materials and shipped grain passes laboratory control. The laboratory is equipped with measuring instruments moisture, dispensers, laboratory mills, determinants of deformation of gluten, scales, gauges falling number, cabinets for drying, and is directly involved in carrying out the control over temperature and humidity stored and processed grains.

To ensure a healthy grain storage input control is carried out in the company of raw materials on a range of indicators, and depending on the results is its reception or return to the supplier.

The basis for action against pests is sanitation, is in compliance with sanitary regime at all production sites, careful monitoring of the state of contamination of grain supplied to the storage. When ten-day stops all the equipment and the air supply system are cleaned of dust and residues of raw materials.