Limited Liability Company "Grain Base of Ukraine" was established January 2014, a legal entity, operates on the basis of full economic accountability and self-financing, operates on the principles of self-government with its own balance, industrial production and mark all other details.

In Andrushivka, Zhytomyr region, Andrushivsky Elevator was opened in 2014.

In 2015, he began his work in Berdichev, LLC "Berdychivsky Elevator".

In 2016, a service was started on the territory of LLC "Berdychivsky Elevator" - loading of containers.

In 2016 it was opened LLC "Trading Company" Grain Base "

In September 2016 in the territory of Andrushevsky elevator started working mill complex LLC "Mill Base" and is the manufacturer of wheat flour and bran TM "Bread master".